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  1. March 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    First of all, my website and work are totally embarrassing so I timidly share it. The real work has yet to be documented. Secondly, I don’t usually respond to blogs because I’m not quite comfortable with the whole “anyone can read this shit,” but alas, comfortable is for losers…
    Wanted to just say I really like your work and I have to disagree with the whole “it’s not ready thing”. I especially like”after the hunt”, “Better half” and “waiting for the rain” (they look done to me!). And on the carpentry etc. side I love the rolling bookcases (except the books under it might make it a little tough to take advantage of the whole “rolling” thing), the iPhone holder is a hilarious, really well done reception stand and I think everyone should have a podium in their house somewhere. The b/w photo of the empty bar is nice and quiet too. I also think it’s worth saying that I need a t-shirt or a knitted afghan that says “wish I had a before shot because it was ugly!” I had to twist your arm to get you to admit you had a site but I’m glad you caved. Send me an email sometime. I’d love to see the driving gloves you’re working on and ask some sculpting questions as I am trying learn about some new materials to sculpt with myself. Keep up the good work. (are blog responses supposed to be short?)

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