DJ Debate

October 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Podiums for GQ’s Luxe Lounge DJ Debate at the Roosevelt. 

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Shady Pagoda

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment

A dear friend of mine (who I will now shamelessly promote… asked if I would design and build a shade structure over the patio at her front entrance. After many grand feats of design we finally decided on this simple and inexpensive green pagoda with 70% shade cloth. I think it looks fantastic and so does Ed Ruscha.

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September 24, 2008 Leave a comment

 Fire Hydrant commissioned for Co-Tour L. A. 2008.

30″ x 24″ x 12″, Fiberglass



Bettina Hubby asked me to build an oddly larger-than-life fire hydrant for her upcoming personalized, couture fashion tour of Los Angeles.  Good times. 




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Los Feliz Kitchen Restoration & Remodel

July 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Here we are again in Los Feliz. They loved the built in bookcase so much that they called me in to restore their kitchen. Here it is with some awful terra cotta tile from the seventies and a terrible refacing job on their rusty metal base cabinets. 




We took out the cabinets and recycled them at Downtown Recycling. We also ran new copper for the sink, softener and dishwasher; installed GFI outlets around the sink, swapped

  out the toggle switches for nice rockers and repaired the plaster behind the backsplash, under the sink and behind the dish washer.

Now on to the wall cabinets… and the many layers of icky paint. We’ve removed the doors and hardware and scraped and sanded the paint down to the wood… next we build the cabinets.


I spent a few days building the cabinets and boy do they look good. A few more and the doors will be done too. I will be making some custom innards that the clients wants in a few of the cabinets but I’ll write about that when they’re done.



Here are some of the goodies that I built into the cabinets. First Are the pull out shelves. They are quite lovely and can hold 75 pounds each. that’s plenty of pots and pans. The adjacent shelves have a light that comes on when the door opens (just like the fridge.) With a little paint and some wonderful black hardware the cabinets are complete.










And here’s something else… in the utility room just outside the kitchen I removed some unsightly pegboard and added a row of extra knobs to match the cabinets. In the breakfast nook I Refinished the built-in hutches to match the kitchen as well. After the tile floor is installed I’ll be removing the wallpaper and painting the rest of the breakfast nook. But for now, a job well done.









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Chimney Restoration

June 11, 2008 Leave a comment

While inspecting the stucco on the chimney we noticed that it was coming off very easily and the look of the bare brick was nice so i removed the old stucco and re-pointed the entire chimney.

It was here that i noticed that the top of the chimney was no longer attached to the bottom. knocked off in the ’94 quake, you know, and then patched over.  removing bricks a few at a time, i made the chimney one piece again.




Every job comes with surprises.



Nice.  Next, we paint the whole thing!









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built-in bookcase

March 4, 2008 1 comment

Custom built this bookcase to cover where the foundation stuck out into the room.  Wish I had a before shot, because it was ugly!








all images copyright 2008 gordon bowen

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